EPSL Educational Printing links up with Lancashire Mind ahead of new term

EPSL Educational Printing has teamed up with Lancashire Mind to help teachers manage the mental health of pupils in the coming weeks and months.

EPSL Educational Printing has teamed up with Lancashire Mind to help teachers manage the mental health of pupils in the coming weeks and months.

Working with experts at the mental health charity, EPSL Educational Printing has created free downloadable posters that contain advice for children to help them cope with a return to the school environment.

In addition, they are promoting all the other resources that the charity has developed to promote good mental health in youngsters.

From mindful activities to checklists and explainer documents, teachers will find everything they need to help pupils with the transition back into education following six months at home.

EPSL Educational Printing is now the official corporate sponsor of the Lancashire Mind Wellbeing Selfie Challenge, which is aimed at spreading positivity by asking young people and families to take and share selfies that relate to wellbeing topics.

Russell Dawson, Director at EPSL Educational Printing, said: “Throughout this pandemic we have clapped for NHS workers and carers and rightly acknowledged the amazing work so many charities and community groups have carried out to help the most vulnerable in our communities.

“We wanted to do something specifically for children, who have lived through these extraordinary times and showed an incredible amount of resilience.

“Now it is time to focus on these young people and do everything we can to help them manage their thoughts and feelings as they return to an environment that will be very different from the one they left in March.

“We hope that the resources will help teachers and pupils get through this next stage of the pandemic and promote good mental health as we resume some kind of normality.

“We are delighted to be the official sponsor of the Lancashire Mind Wellbeing Selfie Challenge and can’t wait to see the amazing entries.”

Holly Mannion, who is the Community Development Lead at Lancashire Mind said: “It is great to be working with our friends at EPSL Educational Printing at a time that will play a crucial part in the long-term mental health of school children across the county and beyond.

“We’ve been working extremely hard in recent months to ensure we have created as many resources as possible to help youngsters cope with the fallout of the pandemic. It is wonderful of EPSL Educational Printing to develop the free downloadable poster and host our other resources on their website.

“Our Wellbeing Selfie Challenge is designed to spread positivity and give pupils something fun and creative to do and we’re looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with.”

To download any of the free resources to schools please visit https://www.eprint.co.uk/free-educational-resources

Picture shows: Hannah Gorman, CYP (Children and Young People) Project Lead,Lancashire Mind.


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