Delivery & Returns

Got questions about our delivery process, or our returns policies? Here’s where you’ll find the answers, including more details on all legal obligations and responsibilities involved.


It is the responsibility of the customer to check the condition and number of boxes in the consignment before offering a signature for the consignment. Corrections cannot be made to the consignment size after a signature has been obtained.

The carrier is only obliged to deliver consignments to an address and not take them into a building. If the driver delivers goods into a building, this will only be done at the driver’s discretion, in which case, we nor the carrier, can be held responsible should any damage occur to persons or property.


We are happy to accept the return of most standard items if the goods are seen as unsuitable. However, goods must be returned in a resalable condition in order for a credit note to be raised. Goods returned in a resalable condition will be issued with a credit note less a 10% handling charge, less all carriage charges incurred by the company.

The customer must always contact our customer advisors prior to any return and include a copy of the delivery note with the return. Overprinted, bespoke or items made to order are not accepted as returns and any customer returning such items will not be issued with a credit note. Goods will not be accepted without prior authorisation. EPSL Educational Printing can arrange collection of any unwanted goods.

The charge for this service will be passed onto the customer as described above (carriage charge incurred). The rate that is charged may be less favourable than the rate that can be obtained by the customer through other means. The charge may also be higher than the rate charged to send the delivery to the customer.

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