How do quality printed supplies affect academic performance?

Preparedness is the key to success, and this rings especially true in the classroom. Having high-quality printed supplies in the classroom aids students in their progress throughout the school year. Having the necessary equipment helps facilitate focus – if pupils come to class without basic supplies like pens and pencils, it can impact their learning by delaying their lesson time, causing them to miss out on quintessential information for learning. 

At EPSL we’ve been providing school exercise books, personalised exercise books and supplementary reading materials for over 45 years. In this time we’ve learned plenty about the supplies that play a major role in the development of students’ education. Here are just a few reasons why every school should invest in the best printed supplies for their students. 

How do quality printed supplies affect academic performance?

Excellent supplies affords your students the maximum space to focus

First and foremost, premium resources allow your students to have a greater capacity to focus on the lesson material. Exercise books that feature additional educational resources, like a spelling or punctuation table, for example, are far more likely to help our students develop themselves and improve because they are always there to refer to. 

Poor materials like badly designed textbooks or poorly-made stationery will only hinder learning, as students will have to work around books tearing or falling apart over the course of the school year. This can distract pupils from their learning and make it difficult to write down their work clearly and concisely. It can also impair revision if pages are missing or the book has fallen apart, impacting their education in the long term. There’s no need to worry about that here at EPSL though, we only use the finest quality paper and printing to ensure longevity and unrivalled quality!

Classroom reinforcement is easy with the right tools

It’s important for the textbooks and wider reading materials your students use alongside their work to coincide with one another. It’ll only serve to confuse students if the books they are working from contain differing or outdated information than that which is being taught in class. Students should be able to easily refer to a textbook for the relevant information on the topic they’re studying so that they can properly reinforce what they’re learning from the teacher. It’s this consistency that will help pupils remember and truly understand key points surrounding subjects in the curriculum. It can also provide a different perspective to understand a problem or subject or contextualise what the teacher is saying to them. It’s important to remember that not every child will learn in the same way, some may learn best audibly, while others might prefer to learn visually.

The right supplies will help foster critical thinking skills

Valuable learning tools such as textbooks will contain a range of different exercises and information that can be used for both critical thinking as well as memorising topics and revision. This will not only allow the students to hone their self-evaluation skills, but it will help them familiarise themselves with the process of digesting and interpreting information and using it to come to their own conclusions. This will help students foster a deeper understanding of topics and develop an aptitude for problem solving - which is a great transferable skill across all lessons.

Make your lessons more engaging with personalised supplies

It can be difficult to focus on lessons when students find the material difficult and not very interesting - and every student has a subject they find less stimulating and more difficult. This is where engaging material comes in, by using a narrative with fun characters, bright colours or even themed questions that makes the information a bit more digestible and engaging for your students (especially younger students). A textbook full of black and white text with few pictures, visual aids or diagrams is likely not going to appeal to pupils at all, but a relatable textbook with bright and informative images is going to help children identify with the material much more and, as a result, they’ll be more likely to absorb the information. 

Those are just a few of the reasons why high quality printed supplies help – but it’ll be different for every student. When it comes right down to it, the best supplies return the best results from your class and provide a more productive environment for your students to learn in. So if you’re looking to enhance your students’ learning and educational development further by providing them with quality printed supplies and stationery, you’re in the right place.

At EPSL, we supply a wide variety of exercise bookspersonalised exercise books and supplementary reading materials, so why not take a look at what we’ve got available on our site? If you have any questions, please do give us a call on 01254 686 500. We’ll be happy to help!

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