4 school supplies that can make life easier for your students

It’s that time of year again – the summer holidays! After a year of learning, pupils now have the chance to spend a few weeks enjoying some time off and fun in the sun. But as teachers and school staff, it’s always a good idea to stay one step ahead when it comes to preparing for the new school year in September.

Getting school supplies like exercise books sorted early allows for better organisation. That way, teachers can have a clear vision of the year ahead and can plan their lessons accordingly, and students will have everything they need to support effective learning.

4 school supplies that can make life easier for your students

The quality of educational supplies your students use has a large influence on their learning. When pupils have everything they need, it facilitates better learning and serves to make the overall experience of school a more positive and engaging experience. This will serve as great motivation for your students to put their best foot forward for the new school year.

Here at EPSL, were one of the UKs leading suppliers of high quality educational equipment supplies, and we’ve been trusted by teachers across the nation for over 45 years. So, from books to pens and pencils, here are four school supplies we recommend that schools implement to make life easier for their students.

Personalised exercise books

Our bespoke personalisation service allows you to choose your own specifications for your exercise books. Personalised books offer a range of benefits for both students and teachers, including enhanced learning, better communication between pupils and staff, all while promoting a greater sense of identity and togetherness. Establishing your school’s brand throughout your supplies helps students of all ages to feel a sense of belonging and pride. And students who are proud of the school they go to are more likely to try harder, and achieve better grades as a result.

Homework diary

Keeping track of homework from every single class can be a difficult task to manage for students, especially those in high school who are approaching their exams. So, a homework diary is an essential item for students to help them keep up with their responsibilities and work. Homework diaries promote better organisation and accountability, both of which are traits that will benefit students later in life. Our homework diaries offer space for timetables, space for recording homework, important dates and notes. Some of our diaries also include a list of multiplication timetables and room for students to record their favourite books, music and films. Which will better encourage them to use it and implement it in their daily school lives!

Vocabulary and spelling books

Vocabulary, language and spelling are the building blocks of self-expression and communication. Therefore vocabulary and spelling books are essential tools for students’ development. They’re perfect for keeping a log of any spellings the students are finding particularly difficult or notes from teachers. This allows students to identify the areas in which they struggle most, so they can get the help they need from teachers. Plus, pupils who are better at spelling are more likely to be successful readers. So, enhancing students’ ability to spell will have a knock-on effect in other areas of literacy.


Highlighters are effective studying tools when used correctly. Highlighting important information is a great way to digest and review key takeaways from a block of text, and when digesting copious amounts of information - as pupils studying for exams often do – this can bridge the difference between a good grade and a great grade. The effective use of highlighters helps to optimise learning, free up cognitive capacity, and helps students digest information quicker and more efficiently. This is a great skill for high school students to develop, especially if they plan on furthering their education at college or university.

So, now we’ve covered all the essentials, if youd like to start bringing the fantastic benefits of these school supplies and more to your school, then youre in exactly the right place! We provide a vast range of vocabulary and spelling exercise books, homework diaries, and personalised exercise books, and with more than 40 years of experience behind us, were top of the class when it comes to producing resources and learning solutions for schools! If you’ve got any questions or reuse any assistance with your order, you can count on us to help you out. Feel free to give us a call on 01254 686 500!

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