Powder Monkey
Author: Ian MacDonald

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With fire, blood and smoke on every page, Powder Monkey brings to life all the excitement, sweat and terror of life at sea on a Georgian gun ship.

Key points:
* Special appeal to boys
* Historical/Thriller
* Includes fact pages

Additional information
* Ideal for dyslexic readers and follows British Dyslexia Association Guidelines.
* Suitable for children with a high interest and low reading age.



One minute Jack is zapping aliens on his keypad - the next, he's fetching powder for the 32-pound guns on board HMS Victory.

The year is 1805 and Jack, a reluctant time traveller, is stuck in the middle of preparations for one of the most famous sea battles ever fought:

Trafalgar. Jack learns about life aboard Nelson's flagship the hard way; eating maggoty ship's biscuits, trying to stay in a hammock and climbing to the mast head in a raging storm.

The tension mounts as the Victory advances on the enemy fleet, and the dreadful realisation dawns on Jack...Nelson's ship will be first to taste the French guns.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Author Ian MacDonald
Reading Age / Interest Age No
Notes No
Age Range 8 - 12
Genre Reluctant Readers

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