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  1. Thinking with Ava and Grandpa

    The 'Thinking with Ava and Grandpa' series is a set of 6 different full colour illustrated stories for infant classes not only to entertain, but also to develop thinking and social/emotional intelligence. The stories are a set of adventures and interactions between a little girl, Ava, and her Grandpa.

    Ava likes to think and question a lot, and built into the stories are simple philosophical issues for exploration. Guidance is given for the teacher, both in a separate booklet outlining the general approach, and also within each story as the main points for thinking and dialogue are given.

    The stories aim

    • to encourage children's imaginations
    • to encourage exploration of ideas
    • to encourage risk-taking in exploring ideas
    • to help develop language acquisition
    • to consciously develop concepts about the world
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  2. Thinking Through Philosophy Book 1

    The development of thinking skills has been identified as of great importance to the educational development of young people of any age or ability. This approach encourages information handling, reasoning, creative thinking and evaluation.

    The Thinking Through Philosophy books contain a theoretical section that gives details of all facets of the programme and a practical section containing fully detailed sessions, which comprise a year's work. No planning is necessary.

    The Thinking Through Philosophy series has been designed to help pupils of all ages to understand the importance of being self-aware, self-regulated, motivated and to be empathetic. Varied stimuli are used and a range of thinking skills developed. A variety of themes ensure pupils can discuss a range of moral and ethical issues.

    An ideal cross-curricular resource for Literacy (speaking and listening skills), R.E. (spiritual intelligence) and P.S.H.E. (emotional intelligence).

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  3. The Sorcerer's Servant

    Toby Greenleaf enjoys working for the mysterious Doctor Ezekiel Culpepper, physician to King Henry VIII. But when his master is accused of sorcery and suddenly disappears, Toby is left with only a painting and a riddle to solve.

    Can Toby unravel the mystery or will the spies that are following him, beat him to the answer?

    Discover all, in this terrific tale of Tudor intrigue!

    Includes activities after each chapter.

    Suitable for 10-13 year olds

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  4. Water & Buildings

    Water and Buildings is part of the 'Things you can do with' series. This book does not include lesson plans or worksheets but what it does contain are ideas to help spark teachers' own creativity.

    Each unit has background information followed by open-ended tasks for each area of the curriculum. For example, Little Red Riding Hood, Granny and the Wood Cutter are chased by the wolf and have to work out how to cross the Deep Lake to escape. The wood has litter in it and the Wood Cutter has a back pack with useful things in it. Children are asked to design the means of crossing the lake.

    Key Points:

    • Actively engages the learners
    • Great for cross-curricular learning
    • Varied activities that will take you off the beaten track
    • Includes text on CD for easy printing.

    Suitable for 8 - 11 year olds.

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  5. Developing Oracy

    Role play is an exciting method for developing a child's understanding of how things work. It also improves language skills, social skills and so much more.

    The resource will build up confidence, teach awareness of others and teach how to express real life situations.

    Suitable for NQTs, nursery nurses, teaching assistants, practitioners and parents.


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  6. Talk, Listen, Think & Do

    This book is a series of lessons based on speaking and listening ideas. These oracy activities provide practice in the key skills of communication and are taken from a number of Early Years and Key Stage 1 story books. Many of the lessons have PSHE themes initially, but then develop cross-curricular links for the whole class, group and individual activities.

    All the lessons have an introductory plenary and suggested follow up activities. There is also a section for possible assessment opportunities. This book offers discrete, developed, oracy activities which will impact positively on a child's learning experience.

    Suitable for 4 - 7 year olds.

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