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For nearly half a century at EPSL Educational Printing, we’ve been a trusted provider of premium quality school equipment, offering top-notch exercise and story books specifically created to enhance the learning experiences in primary school classrooms.

Each book we offer has been carefully selected by our team of experts. All the books are written by trusted UK authors who have created them with care and precision, drawing upon their diverse talents and specialisations. Our storybooks cater to children of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities, providing invaluable resources that are accessible to every young learner. The materials cover a variety of subjects and material, including core lesson content such as Maths, English, Science, R.E., Geography, Art, and more.

Each storybook contains captivating narratives designed to assist students in understanding and retaining the information while keeping them interested and entertained. This not only ensures that your students remain engaged in lessons, but also helps them develop healthy reading habits.

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