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Shop our range of student record books, covering numeracy, literary, spelling and reading records. All books can be personalised for each and every school.

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  1. Doodlebugs Graded Mental Arithmetics

    Starting at: £10.25

    These booklets:

    • Help teachers develop their pupils' mental arithmetic skills
    • Give children confidence in addition and subtraction facts
    • Develops problem solving skills.

    They incorporate recording sheets showing progress, including the children's own graph record.

    Illustrations enhance work and make mental arithmetic lively and fun!

    Book 1 includes number facts up to 50.

    Book 2 includes number facts up to 100

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  2. My Book Reviews Diary

    To encourage reading

    This booklet encourages a wide range of reading, both fiction and non-fiction. It will also help children to identify a favourite author from an early age.

    Suitable for the whole primary age range.

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  3. It's Fun To Read

    This booklet can be used by teachers, parents and assistants, to build a picture of pupils' reading habits. Space is also provided for pupils to record their favourite books.

    Suitable for the whole primary age range.

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  4. Infant & Junior Spelling Book

    Starting at: £10.40

    An ideal booklet to record pupils' weekly spellings. Space is also provided to enable pupils to practise by look, cover, write and check.

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  5. Basic Skills Literacy

    This useful handbook will help pupils improve their Literacy Skills, particularly in spelling, punctuation and grammar.

    Contents include:

    • Spelling rules, e.g. 'i' before 'e' except after 'c'
    • The 8 parts of language i.e. nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions...
    • Sentence rules and paragraphs
    • Letter layout - formal and informal
    • Subject spelling word banks
    • Vowels and consonants
    • Punctuation marks i.e. full stop, question mark, comma, colon...
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  6. Reading Together, My Reading Record

    These booklets are designed to help pupils record their reading progress. Space is also provided for 'comments' enabling teachers, assistants and parents to communicate.

    The Reading together booklets can be personalised with your own school details on them for an additional charge.

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  7. Spelling Record Book


    This modern booklet is ideal for pupils in upper junior school. Space is provided for pupils to write up to 26 spellings per day and make two attempts to spell each word.

    This booklet also contains:

    • additional space for pupils
    • to write 7 words and their meanings
    • spelling lists for numbers, days of the week, months of the year and seasons
    • difficult words to spell.

    Suitable for 9-11 years old.

    • A5 Size
    • Booklets
    • Pupil Resource
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  8. Magic Maths

    Starting at: £5.65

    An exciting range of books to encourage mental maths and problem solving in Primary maths lessons, but in an interesting, humorous and dynamic way!

    The books have been written to tie in with the National Numeracy Strategy plans.

    Ideal for class warm-up, or as a fun challenge at the end of a daily plenary.

    Also sold as a teacher resource book under the title Mental Maths

    Suitable for 6 - 11 year olds

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  9. Basic Skills Times Tables

    Starting at: £12.55

    These times tables booklets are an ideal resource to keep your pupils interested and consist of:

    • Clear step-by-step introduction to the multiplication tables
    • Varied tasks and strategies for learning the tables
    • Activities requiring the application of tables to knowledge, including the link with division
    • Methods of practice required for the teaching and learning of the tables
    • Activities which are linked to the NNS strategy
    • Many ideas for homework and classwork
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  10. Basic Skills Numeracy

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