3 ways to incorporate festive fun into your lesson plan

Educators have a unique chance to make learning more enjoyable and engaging during December by infusing it with the spirit of festivity. Teachers can create lesson plans that provide educational value and incorporate elements of joy and wonder that make this time of year so special.

Exploring Christmas-related themes, and combining these with helpful tools such as personalised exercise books, means you can help your students develop their critical thinking, creativity, and empathy while nurturing their curiosity and passion for learning. Whether through English, maths, science, or any other subject, there are countless ways to enhance the educational experience and make it more meaningful and memorable this time of year!

3 ways to incorporate festive fun into your lesson plan

Christmas crafts with educational meanings

One great way teachers can enhance their lesson plans is by incorporating Christmas activities that encourage creativity among students. Teachers can make learning more engaging and fun by introducing hands-on projects related to festive events, such as crafts, artwork, or DIY activities. For example, designing Christmas tree ornaments with different shapes and colours can be tied into maths lessons about geometry/shapes and art colour theory. 

Personalised Christmas cards can also help children develop communication and social skills. This can lead to stronger relationships both inside and outside the classroom. These Christmas projects kindle enthusiasm among students and allow them to express themselves artistically while learning. It also gives them a break from their usual routine and switches up the pace, which is often a welcome change. 

Take your students on a festive world tour!

The beauty of incorporating Christmas in your lesson plans is that is doesn’t feel like work for your students and there’s a way to work Christmas into every subject. During the festive season, you can take the opportunity to teach your students about diverse cultural traditions. This is easily done while teaching subjects like RE or geography. You can discuss different customs, foods, and celebrations from around the world, which will help to foster an understanding and appreciation for cultural diversity among your students.

Learning about cultural traditions during the festive season will be very exciting for your students. It can help them develop empathy and respect for those who may be different from them while also helping them better understand the world and its many cultures.

To make the learning experience more engaging, you could organise a Christmas party that brings together traditions from different countries. You could also bring in a variety of foods for your students to try, making the party even more unforgettable! Alternatively, your students could create crafts and art inspired by various cultures.

Teaching your students about cultural traditions during the Christmas season can be an enriching experience for them. It can help them better understand the world and its people while fostering empathy and respect for cultural diversity.

Nothing beats a classic Christmas quiz 

Christmas-themed quizzes related to the current curriculum can be an entertaining and effective way to keep students engaged while reinforcing key concepts. In language lessons, students can solve themed word puzzles or answer literature-related questions about festive stories. You could even incorporate the 12 days of Christmas into your maths-centric questions!

Intertwining core subjects with festive and fun elements keeps your students engaged while reinforcing essential skills and knowledge (and spreads some welcome festive cheer!). Incorporating these quizzes into your end-of-year lesson plan means can provide students with a unique and entertaining learning experience that is both educational and fun.

There are endless ways to incorporate Christmas into your lesson plans. Let your creativity flow; no one knows what your students respond to better than you! And if you need any supplies to help get your festive plans off the ground, we've got you covered! With our extensive array of personalised exercise books, educational books, and resources, you'll have everything you need and more.

We have been providing top-quality services for over 40 years, so you can trust us to deliver the best supplies whenever you buy from us here at EPSL. If you have any questions or need some advice, please don't hesitate to give us a call on 01254 686 500. We're always here to assist you in any way we can!

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