3 tips for creating positive study habits

As the New Year begins, it’s important to establish positive study habits that can help students achieve their academic goals. At EPSL, we understand the significance of quality education, and we’ve been a leading supplier of high-quality educational equipment for over 45 years. We’ve worked with countless schools across the UK, and based on our experience, we have compiled a list of valuable tips to help students create positive study habits. These tips not only make studying easier but also more enjoyable. Read on to hear our recommendations for creating effective study habits this year!

3 tips for creating positive study habits

Create a reward system with fun incentives 

Implementing a reward system can be an effective way to motivate students and encourage positive study habits and behaviour. To ensure the success of this system though, it's important to clearly outline the criteria for earning rewards; some examples could include great attendance, completing homework on time, participating in lessons and being kind to others.

It's also crucial to offer a variety of rewards to cater to different preferences. These could range from verbal praise and certificates to small incentives like stickers or extra privileges within the classroom. Publicly recognising and celebrating students who meet and exceed these expectations helps foster a sense of accomplishment and pride, which in turn will encourage other students to start trying their best.

Consistency is key to maintaining a reward system's effectiveness. Predictability reinforces the connection between good behaviour and rewards for your students. By implementing a reward system with these key elements, you can help your students stay motivated and engaged in their studies.

Give your students structure 

Establishing a structured classroom routine can give young students a sense of stability and predictability. This can be accomplished by setting aside specific times for study periods each day, which emphasises the importance of focused learning. 

This consistency will help your students anticipate and prepare for study sessions or lessons, creating a positive association with learning. Using visual aids such as timetables or charts that illustrate daily routines can provide a clear roadmap for the day, helping students understand their schedules. Implementing smooth transition strategies between activities can also help minimise disruptions and maintain the flow of the learning environment. 

Put your faith in personalised exercise books

Personalised exercise books provide a great way to improve student engagement and ownership of their learning materials. At EPSL, we provide the option to personalise the cover of your chosen personalised exercise books by adding your name and badge. You also have the option of customising the interior of the learning material by selecting layouts that cater to your student's unique learning styles. This includes spelling lists or grammar help to keep them on track with their learning goals and create a sense of belonging.

Personalised exercise books also encourage students to set academic or personal goals and use their customised books to track progress - which can, in turn, make it easier for teachers to keep track of what students find easy and what they need more help with. This approach fosters a positive attitude towards learning and instils a sense of pride in their educational journey, encouraging students to take an active role in their education!

Those are just a few of our tips! But there’s plenty more where these came from. If you want to keep a positive and effective classroom atmosphere, it's important to stay informed about the latest teaching advice and classroom management strategies offered by relevant organisations!

And if you're looking for some premium school supplies to set you off on the right dot - we're right here! At EPSL, we provide a vast range of school exercise books, personalised exercise books and supplementary reading materials so that you and your class have everything you need to stay motivated, productive and positive. Got any questions? Contact our friendly team on 01254 686 500 for detailed help!

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