3 teacher essentials to make your life easier

The academic year has flown by, and we are rapidly approaching the end of the school year, making it an ideal time for teachers to get ahead of the game and start preparing for the next year, which begins in September (or in the middle of August if you are in Scotland). At EPSL, we provide a wide range of educational resources for children, and also have a variety of resources that can be a brilliant aid for both the students and the teachers. So if you’re wondering if it’s time to add a few new additions to your teaching repertoire, you’re in the right place! From organisational essentials to rewards for your students and personalised exercise books for enhanced learning – here’s why you need them!

3 teacher essentials to make your life easier

Get organised with teaching planner

Every teacher needs a good planner to help them keep on top of all of the moving parts that come with running a classroom with 30-plus children. Planners like our Secondary School Teacher Organiser & Planner and Primary School Teacher Organiser & Planner will help you keep track of important school dates like:

  • Half-term times
  • Staff meetings
  • INSET days
  • Sports days
  • School trips

And there’s plenty more too, giving you the flexibility to adapt to changes in schedules and plans, contributing to a more organised, efficient, and less stressful teaching experience.

A planner provides a place for you to write down ideas for your lesson plans, set objectives, and plan activities in advance. They also include handy sections for recording student attendance as well as keeping on top of homework and project marks. They are great for keeping tabs on your students in note form, so you can then relay that information back to parents on parent evenings. There’s also space to record any relevant addresses and telephone numbers, just in case you need to contact parents.

Reward your students for their good behaviour

When it comes to getting your supplies together for the school year, stickers might not be the first thing that comes to mind, but they're a fantastic resource to have on hand in the classroom. Whether it’s "Star of the Week" or "Star of the Day”, acknowledging your student's good work or behaviour and rewarding them with a sticker will help boost their motivation for classroom activities, and self-esteem. Celebrating your students when they do something well with stickers creates a positive association with learning, reinforces specific behaviours, shows them that their efforts are appreciated and noticed, and fosters a supportive classroom culture!

Enhance learning with personalised exercise books

And of course, we’d be remiss not to mention personalised exercise books, which offer significant benefits for both you and your students. For your students, having exercise books with school logos and vibrant colours adds a sense of ownership and pride, boosting their motivation to use them.

Personalised exercise books can be a valuable tool for reinforcing important guidelines as a teacher. At EPSL, you can customise the inside covers of our exercise books with subject hints, tips, school rules, and policies, providing your students with a constant reminder of these guidelines for them to refer back to at their leisure. This personalisation not only supports consistency in learning but also fosters a sense of responsibility in students.

With almost 50 years of experience behind us at EPSL, we’re top-of-the-class when it comes to producing resources and learning solutions for both students and teachers. If you have any questions, you can count on our friendly team to provide answers in as much or as little detail as you need. Just give us a call on 01254 686 500!

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